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Doofus published by Norman Maine Plays

Prize-winning comedy now available for production.

Way back in 2000, Doofus won the best play and best production prize from the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. Twenty years later, I'm proud to announce, Doofus has been published by Norman Maine Plays.

Dana has written a play inspired by her relationship with her fiancé, Cliff. At the final dress rehearsal, Cliff watches the play for the first time and is horrified to discover that his character “Clint” is portrayed as a total...doofus! Angry and humiliated, Cliff confronts Dana, who claims the character isn’t “entirely” based on him. However, the actor playing “Clint” insists the character is truly a complete doofus. Then, to add insult to injury, the actor playing Dana’s character dismisses Cliff’s protestations and declares him unable to face the truth about himself and clearly someone with no understanding of the restorative powers of theatre. Distraught, Cliff storms off and some spicy cast secrets are revealed. Audiences will love this sidesplitting, award-winning comedy!

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