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Finalist at Dayton Playhouse FutureFest, 2021



Kathleen Abedon’s teenage son Julian carries an automatic weapon into his workplace and opens fire. When the smoke clears, fourteen people are dead, Julian among them. One year later, when true-crime writer Jo Hunter comes to town to interview Kathleen for a book on the shooting, the grief-stricken mother seeks to convince the skeptical journalist that Julian has been framed for the shooting.


At a time in our history when the truth is under attack on a daily basis, Truth Be Told explores the nature of objective truth and the ways in which we manipulate and distort it to serve our own ends.

  • Winner of the Stanley Drama Award, Wagner College, 2020

  • Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, OR, 2020

  • Winner of the W Keith Hedrick Playwriting Contest, HRC Showcase Theatre, 2020

“RIVETING!  The dialogue crackles, the reversals are brilliantly achieved, the piece is structurally gorgeous.”

-Ian August, playwright


Truth Be Told expertly peels back the veneer on an important and timely subject while still managing to keep an overwhelming sense of tension. The play leaves a reader or viewer with a deep understanding about familial relationships, causation, and sensationalism.”

-Theatre on the Lake, McHenry, MD

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