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World Premiere

Curious Theatre Company

Denver, Colorado

A teenage boy carries an automatic weapon into his workplace. When the smoke clears, 14 people are dead. But what really happened? When a true crime writer comes to town to conduct an interview for a book on the shooting, a grief-stricken mother seeks to convince the skeptical journalist that her son has been framed. Exploring the nature of objective truth and the ways we manipulate it to serve our own ends, this world premiere is about mothers who care as deeply about their sons as the truth.

January 13 to February 10, 2024


World Premiere

The Sauk

Jonesville, Michigan

Part of the 2024 AACT NewPlayFest!

Freddy’s in love with Angie and she’s in love with him. The problem? Angie’s married to Spencer, Freddy’s older brother. This sets off a series of comical yet criminal misadventures, putting the whole family in the sights of Detective Lieutenant Alice Ford, who’s got issues of her own. Criminal Mischief takes a humorous look at love and sex, family and forgiveness, crime and punishment. This production is part of the AACT - American Association of Community Theatre NewPlayFest! 

February 1 to 11, 2024

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