Violet Sharp


Winner of the Julie Harris Playwriting Prize, 2007


In the wake of the historic kidnapping of beloved aviator Charles Lindbergh’s 20-month-old son, Violet Sharp, a young British maid working at the home of Anne Lindbergh’s mother, raises the suspicion of the police with a contradictory testimony about her whereabouts on the night of the crime. Under pressure from her own personal demons as well as the police, Violet’s efforts to clear her name cannot seem to overpower a growing reputation of guilt.

“Looks beyond the sensationalism that surrounded the 1932 kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh's toddler son to focus on one of its other casualties”
- Los Angeles Times

"Like all good police procedurals, at the end of Violet Sharp we’ve come to a new understanding of the mysteries of human behavior through the investigation of a crime...brings us to a deeper understanding of the way in which innocents come to seem guilty when they have private secrets to hide."
- Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler

“The play's long interrogation scenes are riveting...with each new factoid, we side with Violet, then Walsh, then back to Violet, for nearly two hours...Smart, emotional, thoroughly researched.”

- Pittsburgh City Paper

·     Theatre 40, Los Angeles (world premiere)

·     Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

·     Terra Nova Theatre Group, Pittsburgh, PA

·     Reno Little Theatre, Reno, NV

Cast size: 6 men, 7 women (doubling possible)

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As Cliff sits watching the final dress rehearsal of his fiancée Dana’s new play, he comes to realize that the character based on him is, well…a doofus.  Incensed and embarrassed, Cliff storms out.  Distraught, Dana turns to Alice and Beck, her two actors, for comfort, but they have issues of their own.  Trapped in a loveless marriage, Alice has stumbled into a secret affair with Beck.  After some soul searching by all involved, Cliff stumbles back in with yet another crisis that brings everything to a head. Audiences will love this award-winning backstage comedy! 

“The accomplished Cameron has come up with a winner, a neat little comedy of on-stage and off-stage lives intertwined…This is very assured writing. Doofus is a strong contender for best play of the festival.”

-Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • Pittsburgh New Works Festival, 2000

  • Named Best Play of the Festival

Cast size: 3 men, 2 women

Truth Be Told.jpg

Truth Be Told

Kathleen Abedon’s teenage son Julian carries an automatic weapon into his workplace and opens fire. When the smoke clears, fourteen people are dead, Julian among them. One year later, when true-crime writer Jo Hunter comes to town to interview Kathleen for a book on the shooting, the grief-stricken mother seeks to convince the skeptical journalist that Julian has been framed for the shooting.


At a time in our history when the truth is under attack on a daily basis, Truth Be Told explores the nature of objective truth and the ways in which we manipulate and distort it to serve our own ends.

“RIVETING!  The dialogue crackles, the reversals are brilliantly achieved, the piece is structurally gorgeous.”

-Ian August, playwright

  • Winner of the Stanley Drama Award from Wagner College, 2020

  • Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, OR, 2020

  • Winner of the W Keith Hedrick Playwriting Contest, HRC Showcase Theatre

  • Finalist, Dayton Playhouse FutureFest, 2020, Dayton, Ohio

Cast size: 2 women 


Every Livin' Soul

Every Livin’ Soul tells the tale of Hannah, a widowed farmwoman in eastern Ohio who longs for a better life. Her son, Charlie, is a student at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. It’s 1934, however, and the Depression has a stranglehold on the family’s finances. Hannah’s brother Herk and his wife Dot want to bring Charlie home to work on the struggling family farm, but Hannah is adamant. It takes the arrival of a stranger, who comes begging for a meal, to restore harmony—but not without triggering nearly catastrophic chaos in the process.

Cast size: 2 women, 2 men

Trial of David Bradford Play.jpg

The Trial of
David Bradford


David Bradford is brought to trial for treason for his role as a rebel leader of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. His lawyer, Daniel Redick, must fight the considerable powers of the United States government to save his client from the gallows.


Commissioned by the Whiskey Rebellion Festival in Washington, Pennsylvania, The Trial of David Bradford will receive its world premiere in July 2021.

Cast size: 8 men, 1 boy

Cease to Exist.jpg

Cease to Exist


Patricia Krenwinkel, convicted for her role in the 1969 Tate and LaBianca murders, has now served 38 years of a life sentence and is up for parole.  As she attempts to convince the parole board of her suitability for release, Krenwinkel is inevitably drawn back into the events of her troubled past—her childhood, her first meeting with Charles Manson, her life with the 'Family'" and, ultimately, her participation in the infamous murders.  


Cease to Exist takes us inside the tormented mind of Patricia Krenwinkel as she recounts her crimes and, ultimately, comes face to face with the sister of her most famous victim.


  • Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA

  • Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region II, Cleveland, OH (staged reading)

Cast size: flexible, with a minimum of 3 men and 4 women